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How Does Scribble Pen Work?

RGB Color Sensor

RGB Color Sensor

The built-in color sensor lets you easily capture any color – simply point it at an object or surface and press the button! Draw or write with it right away, or save it to sync with your mobile devices.

Multiple Drawing Tips

Multiple Drawing Tips

The Scribble Ink Pen comes with three different sizes of drawing tip, allowing you the freedom to express yourself as neatly or boldly as you like. Scribble is perfect for both drawing and accurate writing.

Refillable Ink Cartridge

Refillable Ink Cartridge

Scribble's ink cartridge connects to a mixer and dispenser that exactly recreates the color you have scanned. Each cartridge comes with 3 miles of ink, and new cartridges cost less than $10!


The Up-to-date Digital Pen for Digital Times

Smart Ink

Scribble's technologically advanced ink is lightfast and water-resistant – no matter the weather, it won't fade away.

Rechargeable Battery

Charged quickly via micro-USB cable, Scribble's lightweight, lithium-ion battery gives you 15 hours of unlimited creating power.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Compatible with Apple IOS platform devices and Google Android platform devices. Dozen interesting and useful applications will reinforce the strength of Scribble Pen


Now the World is Your Palette

Easy to use and comfortable to work with, Scribble pen puts all the colors of the world in your hands. Scan any color and start drawing or writing with it instantly. Scribble pen stores your colors too, so you can upload, share, and use them wherever, whenever you want.

The all-new scribble pen lets you capture any color you want to. All that you really need to do is just point it to any of the objects of your choice, press the button, write or draw with it, save and sync it with your smart device and you’re good to go. You can now buy an all-in-one color pen which can draw all colors or write in any color. Buy crazy pens from our online store today.

Always Know How Much Ink You Have

One touch is all it takes to check the levels in your Scribble Ink Pen.

Organize and Share Every Color You Capture

Scribble APPs remember your colors, you can easily name, sort & share them.

Easily Connect and Sync with Your Device.

Just pair the APPs with your Scribble Pen or Stylus, and you're ready to create!

Fast, Precise Color Code Conversions

You'll get RGB, CMYK, LAB, and HEX codes for every color you capture.

Work with Custom Colors

The Scribble APPs let you capture, create and save as many colors as you like.


Be first to own this revolutionary technology!


With Scribble Pen You Can Be Inspired Anywhere

Whether you are an artist or designer, looking for inspiration, want to share a color with a client, need to keep your fashion sense sharp, or are just someone who loves colors and drawing, Scribble is for you.


Work on More than Just Paper

Capacitive Rubber Tips

The Scribble Stylus comes with two different tips, for precise, lag-free drawing or writing on your mobile device. You can make broad strokes with the soft rubber tip, or aim for precision with the harder, finer tip.

Dedicated Next/Previous Button

The next/previous button makes it easy to quickly switch colors on the fly, cycling through your entire collection.

Universal Design

Your stylus will play nicely with other apps! Designed to universal standards, the Scribble software is open to all developers.


Scribble Ink Pen for Paper

CompatibilityiOS 7+, Android 4.0+
ConnectivityBluetooth, USB
Battery Life8 hours
Color SensorRGB Sensor
Tip 4 tip sizes to control stroke weight
Dimension225 x 26mm (8.8 x 1.02 in.)

Scribble Stylus for Digital Screen

CompatibilityiOS 7+, Android 4.0+
ConnectivityBluetooth, USB
Battery Life10 hours
Color SensorRGB Sensor
TipSoft rubber tip with fiber included
Dimension179 x 17mm (7.05 x 0.66 in.)

Power Your Imagination With Multi Scribble APPs

Intuitively designed and simply to use. The Scribble APPs make it easy to write, draw, sketch, paint, measure and share on your mobile devices.

tablet view2

Your Color, Your Style

Scribble Pen applications come in amazing color choices to suit your style. Download from below links.

  • phone app1
  • phone app2
  • phone app3
  • phone app4

What our clients say

Don't just take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say!

This is an awesome funny little digital color pen for drawing and coloring a picture. Install the Smart Color Pen drawing tool in my Android phone easily and smoothly. Shows it to my son and he quickly learned to transform the captured photos into outlines where he added his drawing and coloring.
Rita Lee
Rita Lee
This pen is really helpful for me because of my five year old daughter. With the pen, she is able to draw all her drawings digitally, reducing the amount of paper she uses. The pen is so easy to use that even a five year old can use it.
Wenli Chang
Wenli Chang
Executive Manager at PepPix
Color may be picked from the preset programmable palette or copied from any objects I like. There are many creative and possibilities. In general, this useful tool meets my expectation and I would recommend it to my friends.
Frederic Lecut
Frederic Lecut
Mosaic Artist

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