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Scribble is a modern, revolutionary company, changing the way people want to learn and enjoy with love and enthusiasm.

At Scribble, we integrate AI sensory intelligence to make painting and coloring pleasant for users of different ages.

At Colorpik, the world is your pallet.

We would like to introduce you to a group of our most talked about products on the market, the Colorpik digital ink pen series and Colorpik stylus series.

Colorpik Digital Ink Pen is an incredible tool for picking colors either from images or objects and then drawing & coloring on paper. It offers multiple nibs which can turn the pen into watercolor brush pen, fountain pen, coloring marker pen, colorful gel pen, multi color ballpoint pen etc.


Colorpik Stylus Pen is a very helpful tool that scans colors and draw / play on touch screen of digital devices.

Includes iPad, tablet, smart phone. compatible with both Apple IOS Platform and Google Android Platform.

It’s the most popular gift pen for girls, boys, students, kids, him or her. birthday and Christmas.

Colorpik pens allow users to express themselves freely in the world of colors on digital and physical surfaces. To make things exciting, Colorpik puts all the colors around you in your palm. All you have to do is to scan and start coloring.

That is why Colorpik Pen will be a perfect creative stationery gift for both Artists and Students. people love to express themselves through painting, writing, and coloring. With Colorpik, the free will of users to explore and expand their art imagination is pushed beyond boundaries. It is important to find a  private ground for both kids and adults to explore their passion, which is why Colorpik Pen will be something important.

With Colorpik, it’s all about personal preferences, allowing you to create that memorable experience for yourselves with love and happiness. One fantastic feature of Colorpik is the ability to sync all of your paintings or drawings to either an iOS or Android device. The Colorpik comes with dozens Applicationss which is easily connected on both Android and iOS devices with no extra settings. It has an inbuilt polymer lithium battery for longer life and a micro-USB recharging port. Once it’s fully charged, it gives you more than 15 hours of free drawing, writing, and painting.

We hopes to connect with old and welcome new customers around the world for mutual benefits. We insist on personal research to continuously improve our products and provide a high-quality product with enhanced service and a precise quality experience.

Colorpik Pen specializes in designing and manufacturing state of the art smart color pick pens for papers and tablets. We have operations in both CA, United States and HongKong, China, includes R&D and manufacturing. Click on the link smartcolorpen.com/contact-us to learn more about us.

We also want to hear from you and be part of this successful story.

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