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Picking colors from any nature objects and draw on the DIGITAL SCREEN like cell phones or pads. Color scanning Pens also meant for digital uses as you can extract color code from the pen. We also provides APPs to store and customize colors. This incredible color-scanning pen has a color sensor that analyzes the color of objects using its built-in microprocessor.

This million color pen with a scanner and printing system. You can just connect the pen to the cell phone by Bluetooth. The built-in high capacity lithium battery will provide 10 hours operation so you can spend a whole day with it.

Smartpens from our high-quality range allow you to draw in any color pen of your choice. Yes! You can now write or draw using any color in the world. To buy our pen that replicates any color of your choice with color scanner, you can explore our online range right away.

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Color Picker Stylus


White, Black, Pink, Cyan

1 review for Color Pick Stylus -Artist

  1. DatChickEvs

    I got this pen as a gift for myself for my birthday. I am a big fan of good quality pens that you can have for many years, and as I do write few bits and prices by ipad, having a good quality pen is very important to me.
    This pen comes in a nice box that I use for storing all my pens. The pen itself is nice and sturdy and pretty heavy I have to say, but I like that in pens.
    I really love it and I highly recommend it

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