Color Pick Stylus – Kids


Planning for buying a gift for kids? The goal was to integrate technology into the learning process of kids. Something that would help them explore the world around them, rather than simply staring at the screen. The color-picking process is easy. Simply press against the surface from which the color is to be duplicated, wait for the LED display to light-up and blink the captured color, then draw that color on the supplied coloring-book app. Most of the time parents confused about buying the best Christmas gift for kids, this color picker pen is rights choice for them.

Those of us who have used tools such as Photoshop are familiar with color picking tools. The Smart Color Pens takes the idea to the next level. It enables you to capture colors from all around you and transfer it to your mobile device. This stylus color picker pen sync all colors that you scan onto your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. You can organize and tag your colors and search through them when you need to.

The device can draw up to 16 million colors (1 GB storage capacity). It connects to your smart device via Bluetooth. This looks like a very handy device for kids.

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Color Picker Stylus for Kids


Pink, Cyan, White, Green, Orange


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