Color Picker Ink Pen

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Picking colors from any nature objects and draw on the PAPER. Color in your favourite pics. Make photos more special by turning them into masterpieces. RGB color inside the pen like 4 ink cartridges include C(Cyan), M(Magenta), Y(Yellow), K(Black) which will be mixed and produce more than 16 million colors. The ink cartridges can be replaced once they are running out.

We also provides APPs(IOS/Android) to store, exchange and customize colors. You can just connect the pen to the cell phone(or pad) by Bluetooth. It has 3 tips (sharpen, round, marker) which is exchangeable. It also contains a rechargeable lithium ion battery for long time usage. Our color copying pen specializes in custom printing, banners, posters, mailing & more.

We have stocked an amazing range of color picker pens for artists and kids. Our smart color changing pens available online let you draw and write in over 16 million colors. For buying the best quality color adapting pens for kids and artists, have a look at our online range today.

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