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The SCRIBBLE COLOR SPY PEN assists consumers, DIYers and professionals, such as interior designers, architects, paint contractors and material specifiers, streamline the color selection process. Scan color, find products that match, coordinate and complement. Color referencing, collecting, organizing and sharing has never been easier and more efficient. Pair with our SCRIBBLE COLOR SPY PEN scanning device for increased functionality and color collecting in the field. SCRIBBLE COLOR SPY PEN offers:• Instant color match to exact colorso Paint, carpet, flooring, tile, apparel, accessories & more• Speed up the color selection process• Share color palettes with friends, clients & colleagues• Material & paint libraries on your mobile device• Cross reference colors between brands & materialsColor referencing, collecting, organizing and sharing has never been easier, more accurate and more efficient.A Color Reference System of a Different Color The SCRIBBLE COLOR SPY PEN system changes the way modern color management systems operate. The compact size and mobility allow for easy collection and identification of color, which is critical, as you may never know when a color will inspire you. The SCRIBBLE COLOR SPY PEN system gives you the ability to match these colors to color and material libraries.Making color matching more black and whiteThe SCRIBBLE COLOR SPY PEN system can differentiate colors the human eye isn’t able to. Our technology can be broken down into three essential components. The SCRIBBLE COLOR SPY PEN device is a revolutionary hardware breakthrough, which offers colorimeter functionality.The SCRIBBLE COLOR SPY PEN app allows color referencing, selection and inspiration collection to streamline the color selection process.Features:• Scan, store, file and reference colors• Reference scans against color libraries• Scan colors and store them in your custom palettes• Remembers device connections for connecting with ease during later usages• Provides paint and material matching for leading U.S. and International paint companies• Browse full color libraries of paint and material manufacturers• SCRIBBLE COLOR SPY PEN offers best color match referencing from physical colors• SCRIBBLE COLOR SPY PEN helps organize your matched colors into palettes

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How do I find the RGB color code? How do you make a color detecting pen?

Come to try the Scribble Color Spy Pen, which can detect the color RGB and CMYK values and show on screen immediately !

2 reviews for Color Spy Pen

  1. CamilleThomas

    We purchased a midcentury home last year, and the last owner chose a fantastic paint scheme when he renovated 19 years ago. It works perfectly with the home’s character. However, he passed away and left only a few paint cans in the garage. And with some nicks and chips throughout, it’s time for some touch up paint. After much (unsuccessful) trial and error of bringing home paint samples from the color deck, or breaking off a chunk of the molding to get a color match at the store, I finally broke down and researched to see if there was an app for color matching. I found Color Muse along with some other options, and this one seemed like the best fit for my needs at the most reasonable price.

    Smart Color Pen arrived, I plugged it in for a couple hours, downloaded the app, and spent all of 45 seconds setting it up. The app was intuitive, and I was scanning every paint surface in my home within minutes. It was cathartic to confirm that the trim in the dining room was actually a couple shades lighter than the trim in the living room, even though they look identical. That’s why i was having such an impossible time bringing home samples from the paint store. As mentioned, the previous owner left behind a couple paint cans in the garage, and the Color Spy Pen was able to confirm where those paints were used — in each case, the name on the paint can was among the top three best matches provided by Color Spy Pen. That’s pretty accurate.

    Although 19 years of time has faded and altered the paint slightly, so that there are variations from room to room, the Color Spy Pen was pretty consistent in recommending 1 or 2 paint choices among its three best matches for any given room in my house. So, for example, for all the trim in our great room, I checked about 7 different spots and triangulated based on what was showing up in the top three list most consistently. Bought that paint at SW, and it is a PERFECT match.

    Super happy I spent this little amount of money for something that has been a great tool for me.

  2. Seymour

    Everyone loves it whenever people come together and share opinions.

    Great website, continue the good work!

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