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This pen is for drawing on the paper with more than 16 million colors. It has 4 ink pods include C(Cyan), M(Magenta), Y(Yellow), K(Black). The ink pods can be replaced once they are running out. We are committed to providing affordable fountain pen and Digital pen accessories and first-rate customer service, as well as Moleskine Pen, combines the natural immediacy of expressing yourself on the pages of a notebook with all the advantages of borderless digital creativity.

We also provide Apps to store and customize colors. You can just connect the pen to the cell phone by Bluetooth. It has 3 tips (sharpen, round, marker) which is exchangeable. It also contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for long time usage.

The super-smooth nib of the smart ink pen glides effortlessly to give you a great writing experience. Pen sensitivity works great while drawing fine and thick lines. The nib is also soft enough to not leave any kind of scratches behind. You can now buy smartpen easily online.

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