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Picking colors from any nature objects and draw on the PAPER. Color in your favourite pics. Make photos more special by turning them into masterpieces. RGB color inside the pen like 4 ink cartridges include C(Cyan), M(Magenta), Y(Yellow), K(Black) which will be mixed and produce more than 16 million colors. The ink cartridges can be refilled once they are running out.

We also provides APPs(IOS/Android) to store, exchange and customize colors. You can just connect the pen to the cell phone(or pad) by Bluetooth. It has 4 tips (sharpen, round, marker, ballpoint) which is exchangeable. It also contains a rechargeable lithium ion battery for long time usage. Our color copying pen specializes in custom printing, banners, posters, mailing & more.

We have stocked an amazing range of color picker pens for artists and kids. Our smart color changing ink pens available online let you draw and write in over 16 million colors. For buying the best quality color adapting pens for kids and artists, have a look at our online range today.

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Does a color copying pen exist? Is the scribble pen real ?

Definitely !

To be the first one to own it among your friends !


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9 reviews for Colorpik Ink Pen – Pro

  1. Amy Jo Schaefer

    Love this pen. Take it with me everywhere. The charge lasts a really long time. I still havent had to charge it yet and i have had it over a month! The accuracy is pretty good, and love i can sync all my color from Scribble to any IOS or Android devices and at the end I don’t need to worry about color accuracy details like when i am coloring.

  2. Kanesha Warbritton

  3. Steve W.

    Amazing product.

    My kids love it very much.

    will recommend to others

  4. 45lrcji

    This is an awesome funny little digital color pen for drawing and coloring a picture. Install the Smart Color Pen drawing tool in my Android phone easily and smoothly. Shows it to my son and he quickly learned to transform the captured photos into outlines where he added his drawing and coloring.

  5. Nguyen Pham

    When I first got this Scribble,I wasn’t expecting much. I was very used to the original apple pencil, but this Scribble beat my imagination. I still feel like the Scribble is easily the greatest stylus ever made(I often describe it to people as other styluses felt like I was using a tool, the Scribble felt like I was using a pencil or pen). I’ve used other, non-apple styluses in the past, to varying degrees of success, but this is the first time I would consider recommending one.


    Well I liked this Scribble so much that I decided to order another one. Product is easy to use. It’s lightweight and has a long battery life.
    For me at least more 12 hours and it charges up fast. Less than 30 minutes. I am an artist and it works great for fine details. I like that you can put all your colors scan sync onto any digital device and it has no effect on the work you are doing. This is the second time I brought this stylus as I wore out the first one.

  7. Roger Penrose

    Great product!

  8. fdfd

    Thank you!

  9. Jacob


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